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Sweetie Bit

4.8 ( 6688 ratings )
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Entwickler BIT AUGUR L.L.C.

A woo, an aww, a smirk, something cute, romance, swoons or a LOL possibly await with just a download.

With Sweetie Bit, you can share and get inspired to send sweet notes to your loved one that you love. This application’s content is focused on delivering something romantic, quirky, and cute with a side of smiles and lol. The app will keep up to 10 Sweetie Bits so you can share them later. Only 10 Sweetie Bits can be made at a time. Upgrade to experience Sweetie Bit in a limitless way!

Have a BAE? Have a lover? Don’t have either but working on it? Make a Sweetie Bit.

Need inspiration for woo or to swoon? Make a Sweetie Bit.

Want to be cute? Make and share a Sweetie Bit.

Want to laugh and smile? Make a Sweetie Bit.

Want your loved one to roll their eyes? Make a Sweetie Bit.

Like pretty things? Make a Sweetie Bit and look at the pretty backgrounds.

Want them to think ‘Aww’? Make and share a Sweetie Bit.

Want to send someone a Valentines (that may be way early or way late)? Sweetie Bit.

Anniversary coming up? Give ‘em something sweet with Sweetie Bit.

Want pick up lines that might work? Sweetie bit is your answer.

Sweetie Bits are randomly generated through a selection pool of 40 sweet, romantic, funny and cute quips to draw from.